Our Clients

Our Clients include both large and small companies in a wide range of industries. We have successfully completed client engagements in service, manufacturing, and consulting communities.

Selected list of satisfied clients includes:




Albertson’s (AmStores)





Koch Industries

American Hospital Assoc. Kraft Foods
ATC Leasing Company Medical College of WI


McDonald's Corporation

Neimeth Pharmaceuticals

Avon Products, Inc.

Baxter International

Oracle Corporation

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

BP Amoco Premark International, Inc.
Cimlinc, Inc. Raycon & Co. (NIG) Ltd.
Citicorp Industrial Credit Roche
Continental Air Transport Rockwell Automation
Eli Lilly, Inc. Royal Caribbean Cruise
GabCon (NIG) Ltd. Sara Lee Corporation
Glaxo, Smith, Kline

Johnson Controls, Inc.

United Technologies

U.S. Assist

Johnson & Johnson, Inc. U.S. Govt./DOD
JD Edwards Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company





…….. and a host of other companies.


Each is happy to explore our performance and delivery methods as necessary.

The workforce and the workplace are changing, and HR needs to evolve with them – to better manage a multigenerational talent pool, legions of external workers, and dispersed teams that collaborate digitally across time zones and cultures. HR tools and practices must adapt to these changes.


Organizations that want a strategic advantage over their competitors must base new hire decisions on far more than skills. Now is the time to integrate best practices into your hiring process to ensure your organization hires candidates who are the right cultural fit as well as the most qualified for the job.  By thoughtfully hiring to evolve culture, organizations will move faster toward their desired state.


Begin now to evaluate and prioritize your HR needs.  BertAdvisors has the experience to act in partnership to build successful organizations by developing and implementing HR solutions globally.  Management at Bert provides the leadership and direction that drive the organization as a whole.