Professional Profile

Osita Oruche, DBA

Key words: HR Management | Workforce Planning

Tel: +234-908-303-7939

Osita Oruche, DBA is a Management Consultant and Chairman at BertAdvisors Company Ltd, Abuja, Nigeria. He provides preeminent global people and organizational business advisory services on a retained basis. Dr. Oruche is specifically engaged to perform Human Resource Consulting and Leadership advisory as specialized forms of management consulting to assist client organizations in workforce planning, talent acquisition and staffing for management positions.

As a Global Practice Leader in Business Consulting, Dr. Oruche draws upon over three decades of HR Consulting benefiting from a vast repertoire of successful client recruiting deliverables.  His objective is to respond to business requirements and to help prepare for future human resource demands. He employs a holistic approach which ensures that solution-driven recommendations support clients’ business goals. His partnership with various organizations allows client companies to leverage proprietary talent acquisition platform, bringing together a suite of best-in-class talent acquisition tools and technologies, including assessment and interview capabilities. This offers meaningful talent market information, as well as a streamlined approach to talent acquisition and management, while improving efficiencies and enabling cost savings over time. He has successful experience in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, organizational leadership and development, competency mapping and change management. His consulting experience spans many sectors, including IT,

Government, Defense, Retail, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, and professional services.

Dr. Oruche has positioned HR practice as a proactive business partner with programs/services that positively impact top and bottom-line performance in Global 100 client organizations. During tenure as Principal of American Resources Corporation, a Chicago-based Human Resource Consulting firm, he successfully experienced a wealth of exposure to strategic human resource (HR) operations. Noteworthy of these is his significant contribution in the organizational development and implementation of successful Staffing (Retainer) operations for companies such as: Boeing Company, Avis/Budget Rent-A-Car Corp., Johnson Controls, McDonalds Corp, Oracle Corporation, and a host of other Global 100 client consulting engagements. He has successfully completed over 35,000 client engagements to date. Each of his professional references is happy to follow the inquiry as necessary. Dr. Oruche has been referenced in his professional expertise as a subject matter expert in both local (Chicago, IL), and national media interviews, with particular reference to an interview with Peter Jennings (Late) reporting, sole anchor, ABC World News – “Regional Coverage of the Economy introduced” – ABC-5.html.

Dr. Oruche’s educational background and training is extensive. He completed academic requirements for Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Organizational Leadership and Development (Walden University, MN), Master of Business Administration (Oklahoma City University, OK), and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics/Sociology (Lake Forest College, IL). He also graduated the prestigious Lake Forest Academy/Ferry Hall (high school), Lake Forest, IL, USA. He has extensive HR training and is actively involved in community and industry related professional associations.