Professional Profile

Ngozi D. U. Ukeje, PhD, DBC, MHRM, MSC, BA

Key words: HR Management | Leadership Development 

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Dr. Ngozi D. U. Ukeje is Senior Director at Bert Advisors Company. She is also a lecturer at Baze University, Abuja, Nigeria.  She has substantial expertise and experience in Human Resource Management and Counseling.  She was formerly a Director of Education and Assistant to the Campus Dean at Vista College (University), Texas, USA where she lectured in Leadership and management courses.  She also supervised faculty, staff and students in various disciplines.  As the Assistant to the Campus Dean, she was involved in the day -to - day administration of the campus.  She has also lectured at various other universities as is evident in her curriculum vitae.

Dr. Ukeje obtained her Doctorate degree in Biblical Counseling from Oval Bible College USA, Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics and Industrial Management from Stony Brook University USA, a second Master of Science degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from Rutgers University USA, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Herbert H. Lehman College (University) USA.

She is a member of various professional bodies such as - Chartered member of Toastmasters International of America, member of the National Association of Professional Women, Friends of the African Union (CEO) and Archbishop Maxwell's Pastoral Care Center (Co-Chair).

Dr. Ukeje is passionate about giving back to her (Nigeria) community, through improving the education and empowerment of women.  She is the founder of an NGO - Lord and Blessing Services that caters for widows, orphans and the disabled abroad and in Nigeria.  She has presented training workshops at various levels of the educational structure on topics such as “Classroom Management”, “Behaviour modification vs. Flogging”, and “How to work with slow learners”.  She has also presented various training workshops to individuals working with the special needs population.  She is currently working and training a small group of widows, and mothers with children on entrepreneurship skills and on how to start, run and maintain small businesses. She Trained One-Stop workforce center staff on proper etiquette when assisting individuals with disabilities.  She created a system change attitude within the workforce center.

Dr. Ukeje’s core values are Integrity, Ethics, Honesty, Initiative, Leadership, Good Governance and she is a consummate mentor of young women.  Above all, her Faith in God, her creator has carried her through many trials and tribulations.


  • Adjunct faculty instructor for over two hundred adult learners in established undergraduate Business and Human Resource Management curriculum utilizing various adult learning styles.
  • Trained and supervised over 500 undergraduate and graduate students in the utilization of computerized educational/career assessment tools.
  • Performed training presentations for university level senior staff and faculty.
  • Able to teach and instruct individuals with special needs and from various diverse populations.
  • Performed liaison duties and outreach between local governments and local communities for different projects.


  • A trained and experienced Career Counselor/Advisor for the University arena.
  • Involved Disability Board members in sharing their expertise and talents with individuals with various disabilities within the local community.
  • Promoted various Awareness issues through speaking engagements and presentations at various events.
  • Encouraged youth and young adults to explore various activities (volunteerism) to assist them in achieving their educational and career goals.
  • Motivational speaker and facilitator at different types of functions.
  • High degree of proficiency in written and spoken English communication.


  • Developed and enforced all policies and procedures with reference to confidentiality and work ethics for internal and external clients.
  • Interviewed, hired and trained faculty staff, administrative staff and over 50 undergraduate student staff.


  • Maintained and managed an annual budget of over $30,000 (N14 million) for a student center/union.
  • Conducted training programs for adult and youth university volunteers for various events.
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training, including, Train the Trainer


  • 2011 Disability Etiquette
  • 2010 Current Changes with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).
  • 2006 Discovering Why You Are Here
  • 2005 Toastmasters – What is it?
  • 2004 Volunteerism – Its benefits to communities
  • 2003 Benefits of Board Members
  • 1995 Time Management
  • 1994 Women’s Issues within Higher Education
  • 1994 Presentation Skills
  • 1992 Self-Worth and Cultural Awareness
  • 1991 Managing Diversity and Making It Work
  • 1990 Diversity in the World Community